Sanki Vraja
Bounty Program


Welcome to our page dedicated to partnerships, where the Sanki Vraja vision materializes through various opportunities for collaboration.
We are committed to developing mutually beneficial relationships, paving the way for a variety of profitable partnerships for all parties involved.
Discover these opportunities and join our initiative in building a dynamic, interconnected ecosystem with mutual benefits.

Partnership for the Bounty program
Through this partnership, our community becomes a crucial marketing force for Sanki ecosystem, with its members being rewarded for their contributions. Each brand ambassador actively enhances our market visibility and influence, receiving Sanki tokens as a reward in return.
For more info please see the bounty program page.

Affiliate program
Our affiliate program is an essential partnership designed for individuals who wish to earn income by promoting Sanki products and those of our eCommerce partners. This program offers a unique opportunity to earn commissions by recommending our products and services, paving the way for mutually beneficial collaborations and stimulating growth through the active involvement of affiliates in promoting our ecosystem.

NFT collaborations in the Merch-Art program
In our Merch-Art program, we collaborate with NFT artists to enrich our NFT offerings in the Sanki Vraja Marketplace. These partnerships include initiatives such as exclusive promotions and NFT launches, which add additional value to our digital ecosystem.

Sanki discounts partnerships
To expand our unique model of Sanki token burn discounts, we are seeking to establish partnerships with various types of businesses, both online and offline. Through these collaborations, our partners can benefit from the advantages offered by the Sanki discount system, which encourages consumers to use Sanki tokens in exchange for significant reductions. This approach adds value to our partner businesses, creating unique opportunities to attract new customers and retain existing ones. We are open to collaborating with a wide range of industries, from retail to services, to integrate this innovative model into their operations, thereby expanding our network of partnerships and strengthening Sanki's presence in various market sectors.

Event partners
Our partnerships for events are essential in promoting Sanki Vraja. We collaborate with event organizers and brands to offer unique experiences, thereby enhancing community visibility and engagement.

Gaming and entertainment collaborations
To expand and enhance the gaming universe within the Sanki Vraja ecosystem, we are open to collaborations with game creators and entertainment companies. These partnerships can include joint game development, collaborative events, exclusive in-game items, and integrated promotions.

Strategic collaborations with crypto influencers
We are actively seeking collaborations with top influencers in the crypto domain to amplify the presence of Sanki Vraja and generate excitement around our ecosystem.

eCommerce integration
Our eCommerce platform offers businesses a complete solution for an online store. Users benefit from simple and rapid integration, automatically gaining access to promotions within our engaged community. Additionally, we offer unique discount options, including the burning of Sanki tokens, to enhance the value and attractiveness of each business partnership.

Partnerships for social and educational impact
Our collaborative initiatives with various companies, such as charitable organizations or educational institutions, reinforce Sanki Vraja's commitment to social responsibility. These partnerships contribute to a positive impact beyond the realm of cryptocurrencies.

For more specific information or inquiries, we invite you to contact us.