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Presented as a meme coin called Sanki, our project reveals a much more complex creation that pushes the boundaries of imagination and exceeds all expectations.

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849,098,223 SANKI


38,901,777 SANKI

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Ecosystem diagram

Ecosystem diagram



The Sanki Vraja project will introduce an innovative mechanism that encourages active token usage: the burning of Sanki tokens in exchange for attractive discounts. This mechanism will also serve as a gateway for the non-crypto world to interact with blockchain technology, bridging the gap between traditional and digital economies.


Our leaderboard operates as an innovative ranking system designed to encourage and promote the burning of Sanki tokens within our platform. The rule is straightforward: those who burn more Sanki tokens will climb higher on the leaderboard, earning greater visibility and recognition within our community. The leaderboard is interconnected and highlights all platform components contributing to Sanki token burns.

Affiliate Program

The affiliate program of the Sanki Vraja project represents a unique opportunity for community members to actively contribute to the project's success while being fairly rewarded for their efforts. The Sanki token will be used to pay affiliate commissions. After each successful sale, the system will purchase Sanki from the market and automatically transfer them to the affiliate's account.

Merch-ART program

Merch-ART is a program dedicated to digital artists, created with the aim of expanding the brand's visibility by attracting artists whose digital artworks will be used to personalize products in our merchandise store. Artists will come up with graphic proposals and designs for customization, and customers can order customized products with their artworks, rewarding these artists based on the number of generated sales. The Sanki token will be used to pay artist commissions. After each successful sale, the system will purchase Sanki from the market and automatically transfer them to the artist's address.

The Bounty Program

The Sanki token will be used for community bounties, which is an effective strategy to engage and promote the project. This program will be designed around the principle of rewarding community members for specific actions that enhance the project's visibility and engagement.


The Sanki coin will play a pivotal role in our future metaverse, known as Sankiverse In this expansive digital world, Sanki becomes the primary currency for transactions, interactions, and the acquisition of virtual goods. From purchasing digital properties, unique items, and virtual services to supporting the metaverse economy, Sanki will be the driving force behind it all. With diverse roles and profound significance, the Sanki coin will play a fundamental role in forging and strengthening connections within our virtual community, facilitating a rich and engaging metaverse experience for all involved.


Sanki Vraja is set to launch a gaming platform that introduces an innovative twist to traditional gameplay. In this platform, players who engage in games eg. poker will each contribute a certain amount of Sanki tokens to the pot. The unique aspect lies in the outcome: the player who loses the game will burn their contributed Sanki tokens, effectively removing them from circulation, while the winner receives back the full quantity of Sanki tokens placed at stake.This approach not only adds excitement to the gaming experience but also aligns with Sanki Vraja's commitment to engaging its community and creating novel use cases for its native token.


Sanki, the token

Binance Chain contract token:



 Sanki Vraja





Sanki token


Special Mentions!

Marketing Campaign, Sankiverse presale 888 SvD.


Completed: 21/20/2024

Shopping City Mall Restaurant Partnership

Completed: 21/20/2024

Public Presentation

Completed: 21/20/2024

Website V1

Completed: 21/20/2024

Leaderboard Beta

Completed: 21/20/2024

Bounty Program

Completed: 21/20/2024

Extended White Paper

Completed: 21/20/2024


Completed: 21/20/2024

Wordpress Sanki Burning Plugin

Completed: 21/20/2024

Affiliate program (sanki.ro)

Completed: 21/20/2024

Leaderboard V2

Completed: 21/20/2024

Website V2

Completed: 06/13/2024

Marketing Campaign


Mobile White Paper V1 (user)


Sanki Express


Sanki Merch-Art Program


Main Colection NFT 8880+8


Sankiverse presentation


Sankiverse MVP


Sankiverse Presale 888 SvD


NFT Pseudo-Staking


Mobile App v1 (bussiness)


Sanki Protocol V1


Sanki Game MVP


Sanki Game Platform


Sanki NFT Marketplace


E-Commerce Platform


Sanki Story & Universe Development



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