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Bounty Program

The Bounty Program

The Sanki token will be used for community bounties, representing an effective strategy for engagement and promotion of the project. This program will be designed around the principle of rewarding community members for specific actions that enhance the project's visibility and engagement. At the same time, this program will provide transparency regarding how the marketing budget is spent.

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How it works?

Through our innovative bounty program, engage with our community and earn SANKI tokens by taking on a variety of social media tasks and initiatives, specifically curated by our dedicated team such as:

- Tasks: Like, retweet, comment, get involved in constructive discussions.
- Extras: Attend our meetings, events, very active members are often consulted in various aspects.
- Initiatives: Create your own Sanki Vraja related posts and you will be rewarded based on engagement.


Each task has a validity period. After expiration, the task can no longer bring reward.
The reward for completing a task is given only once. A 2nd retweet will not bring you another reward for that task.

As of now, the initiatives mentioned above are applicable exclusively to X (Twitter) posts. While we're actively working to expand these opportunities to other social media platforms, we appreciate your understanding and participation on Twitter, where you can earn rewards for your contributions. Stay tuned for updates as we continue to develop our bounty program.
Initiatives will start with a default payout of 100 Sanki tokens and can go up to a maximum limit of 8.880 Sanki tokens, depending on your audience and the impact of your contributions.
It is very important that the initiatives have a tag to @sankivraja to be brought to our knowledge.
If your post is not in the list of initiatives, please give us the link via DM, maybe we omitted it by mistake. We accept initiatives up to 30 days old.

To be eligible for rewards, you must have a BNB Chain wallet address associated with your Twitter ID. Make sure you're registered in our database using this tool. If not, please contact us via a direct message at Unregistered users will not receive rewards.

Please do not use an exchange address because the funds will be lost instead, use a wallet address like MetaMask or Trust Wallet.

If you wish to change your wallet address or prefer not to receive rewards anymore, please send us a direct message
We will respond to your request within a maximum of 48 hours.

Payments are processed in bulk every two weeks and will be communicated to our community through our social media channels.

You'll soon be able to use these rewards to gain discounts in our stores, secure a position on the leaderboard, burn them for our NFT collection, engage in gaming, in our coming soon metaverse, or even trade them as you see fit. The possibilities are limitless, and we're excited to bring you even more ways to enjoy and benefit from your participation in our community. Stay tuned for updates on how you can make the most of your rewards!

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