Sanki Vraja
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What is Sanki?

Sanki is a complex and innovative project that combines elements from the world of cryptocurrencies, blockchain technology, and Web3, along with creativity and pop culture.

At its core, Sanki is a digital token called Sanki, but it goes far beyond that. It is a meme coin that has created a distinct identity in popular culture, turning an ironic expression into an entity with personality, magical powers, and a dedicated community.

Sanki Vraja is the brand behind this project that brings the Sanki universe to life. This brand is built on the recognition of the expression "Sanki Vraja" in Romanian culture and adds layers of innovation, technology, and community value. Sanki Vraja combines elements of e-commerce, collectibles, gaming, digital arts, metaverse and much more to provide a complete experience within the Sanki ecosystem.

In short, Sanki is more than just a digital token; it is an experience, a community, and an ambitious project that aims to redefine the utility and how we interact with the world of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology.

How many Sanki tokens are in circulation?

At the project's launch, 888,000,000 Sanki tokens were initially created. However, what truly sets Sanki apart is its unique utility through burning mechanism. This mechanism encourages users to burn Sanki tokens in exchange for various benefits and advantages, such as discounts or access to exclusive features. As a result, the total number of Sanki tokens in circulation began to decrease irreversibly as they are burned in exchange for these benefits. This not only adds value to the remaining Sanki tokens but also supports the entire ecosystem, making it even more dynamic and appealing to the community.

Can Sanki tokens be minted outside of existing ones?

No. It is not possible to create more Sanki tokens beyond the initial supply.

The token contract has been designed with a fixed supply, and there is no provision for the creation of additional Sanki tokens. This ensures the integrity and predictability of the token's supply, providing a clear and transparent framework for the Sanki ecosystem.

What is the utility of Sanki token?

The Sanki token has several key uses within the Sanki Vraja ecosystem.
First and foremost, it will be used to obtain attractive discounts on our products and services, encouraging active interaction with blockchain technology and providing real advantages to users

Furthermore, the Leaderboard integrates the utility of the Sanki token, offering users the opportunity to gain recognition and visibility based on their token burning activity, where users can use Sanki to secure a position in this ranking system, also known as the leaderboard.

The Sanki token is also used in our Affiliate Program as well as the Merch-ART program to pay commissions to artists and affiliates who make significant contributions to the project's success.

To reward active members of our community, the Sanki token is used in our social media Bounty Program, incentivizing participation and project promotion.

Furthermore, the Sanki token will have a broad utility in the future Metaverse and on our Gaming Platform, adding an additional dimension of value and interaction in the digital world.

On the other hand, Sanki can also be treated as an authentic Meme Coin, retaining its playful and ironic character from its beginnings. This means that despite all its functions and utilities, Sanki can simply be a cryptocurrency you use for entertainment purposes or as part of our community, without the need for profit expectations or strict utility.

Thanks to our innovative economic model, Sanki can be considered a speculative investment tool, offering the potential for returns based on its market performance.

Thus, Sanki becomes a versatile and valuable asset within the Sanki Vraja ecosystem that adapts to the preferences and goals of each user, from investors and traders to passionate community members and those who simply want to enjoy its playful side.

Where can I buy Sanki tokens?

Currently, Sanki tokens can only be purchased on the PancakeSwap DEX platform using BNB (Binance Coin).

Why should I burn Sanki tokens?

We will always provide you with reasons to burn Sanki tokens. Burning Sanki brings immediate benefits, such as attractive shopping discounts, promotion on the leaderboard, and recognition within the community.

According to our economic model, burning Sanki contributes to the token's value growth over time.

How can I use Sanki tokens for shop discounts?

The mechanism works as follows: customers have the option to burn Sanki tokens to obtain significant discounts on our products and services, as well as those of our partners. For illustration, let's say you want a $10 discount on a $100 shopping basket; in this scenario, you will have the option to burn Sanki tokens worth just $1.

This mechanism is currently in the development stage.